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Wellness Week 2017 Summary (25 February – 4 March)

Wellness Week was all about helping our dance students understand how the things we ask of them are important for their health and safety.  Staying safe is a shared responsibility, dancers of all ages need to take responsibility for their own well being at dancing.  We will always be around to guide and educate our students and our expectations are always age appropriate and different for each level of students. Providing a safe and caring environment for our students is central to our mission at Kew School of Dance.  Our teachers are committed to ensuring that Safe Dance Practices and Dancer Wellness is incorporated into every class.

Leaders in the health sector generally agree that wellness is: multidimensional, holistic, self directed and encompasses physical, mental, spiritual and environmental factors. Dancer wellness begins with the physical environment and includes appropriate clothing and footwear. These aspects of dance class are familiar to all dance students, but you may not have thought about these as factors affecting your well-being. Over the week we looked at the importance of correct footwear, attire and flooring, as well as proper warm up, conditioning, nutrition and injury prevention. All these aspects will continue  to play a vital role in how we teach at Kew School of Dance. 

2017 Enrolments now open!

Enrolments for 2017 are now open, head to our Parent Portal at DanceStudio-Pro and register your details to secure your place. If you have any queries or would like to trial a class, contact us at admin@kewschoolofdance.com.
The 2017 Timetable is available to view here

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About Us

Kew School of Dance provides the opportunity for every student to experience the joy of dance while developing confidence, creativity and a secure technical foundation in a safe and caring environment. At Kew School of Dance we provide quality pre school dance classes through the Angelina Ballerina curriculum. On completion of this program students can continue with ballet based training in the Laurel Martyn Dance System or try Australian Teachers of Dancing jazz, tap or hip hop syllabus classes. Students participate in annual assessments in Ballet, Jazz and Tap. Our annual concert is the highlight of the year for many students.

We are located in the Melbourne suburb of Kew and Kew East.   We operate from two venues: 12 Peel St, Kew and the East Kew Uniting Church, 142 Normanby Rd, East Kew. There are many reasons for learning to dance: pure enjoyment, development of fitness, strength, flexibility, improved posture, co ordination, musical appreciation or creativity. We are here to help each student realise their full potential.