Student Extension Programs

Senior Performance Extension Program

For students Degree 3 and above

Our Performance Extension Program is a special class aimed at increasing the performance skills of the participating students.

It involves performance and theatre skills workshops,  such as characterisation, improvisation, and theatre skills

It also gives additional performance opportunities to the participants at the Kew Festival, during the mid year and end of year concert and a variety of other opportunities during the year.

Entry to the program is by auditions only, held annually in term one.

Junior Performance Extension Program

For students from Stage 2 – Degree 2

What is the Junior Performance Extension Program?

  • A compulsory rehearsal class
  • Additional performance opportunities
  • A class dedicated to developing stage craft and rehearsal skills
  • An opportunity to work with other dancers and teachers
  • Hard work, requiring 100% commitment!
  • A fun and rewarding experience

This class is free of charge (there will be a costume hire charge). Students will be expected to enrol and commit to the full duration of the program culminating in the Senior Concert on Saturday 2 September 2017. Students will be required at additional times in the lead up to performances, we ask that students only audition if they and their families are able to make this the number one priority and attend all classes and extra rehearsals!

Places in the P.E. Program will be offered at the discretion of the Kew School of Dance and that attendance at the audition on the above day is a mandatory requirement for consideration for a place.

Students and their parents must agree and sign the performance extension program agreement if they are offered a place within the P.E. Program.  This program is an optional extra for those dedicated and committed students who love dancing and want to do more of it.  We cannot make it work if we do not have your full support.  Students who are unable to meet the commitment will be asked to leave the program.   Additionally students must maintain good attendance at their regular dance class.

Assistant Teacher Program

Our assistant teacher program takes senior students and gives them the opportunity to assist the teacher of a junior class.

Assistant teachers learn how to support and encourage the younger students through the progressions of their learning as well as develop their own sense of leadership and responsibility.

Assistant teachers find that being involved with different classes and in different dances really enhances their own dancing experience. It fosters a greater appreciation for the work of the senior teachers and the effort it takes to plan and deliver a dance class.

Students from Degree 2 and above are eligible to be considered for assistant dance teaching positions with junior classes at the Kew School of Dance.  Students need to be able to commit to attending all classes, you need to arrive 15 minutes before the start of class time to help the teacher and students prepare for class.  Assistance is also required on mock exam, exam, concert rehearsal and performance days.

In 2018 we are introducing an assistant teacher class to be held every second Friday evening 5.00 – 5.45pm at 12 Peel St.  Students must attend this class on the following dates in term one:

  • Friday 2 February
  • Friday 16 February
  • Friday 2 March
  • Friday 16 March

Student Production Team

Student Production Team 2017
Student Production Team 2017

The student production team will work alongside Miss Alice & Mr Anton to help organise and produce our Junior Concert in 2018. We are looking for committed and driven students (from Degree 3 and above) interested in stage production, costuming, sound and lighting design, in addition to general management and coordination.

Students are encouraged to apply for one of the following managerial roles:

Stage Manager, Wardrobe Mistress, Props Mistress, Production Manager

Alternatively, students can be involved in a lesser capacity and help out as needed on performance and rehearsal days, as well as working bees.  This is a good option if students feel unable to commit to the full year or do not feel ready for the level of responsibility required of these roles.

In 2018 we are introducing a fortnightly class to be held every second Friday, time to be confirmed at 12 Peel St.  (Same time as assistant teacher class, which may need to change).  Students interested in a production team role must attend this class on the following dates in term one:

  • Friday 9 February
  • Friday 23 February
  • Friday 9 March
  • Friday 23 March

Being a part of the student production team is fun and rewarding; it is also a big responsibility and commitment.  Please consider carefully if this is right for you and your schedule.

In addition to the dates above, we may need to meet during school holidays for workshops and rehearsals, as well as on Saturday and Sundays in term four in the lead up to the Junior Concert.

The following dates are compulsory for the student production team:

  • Saturday 27 & 28 October: Studio Dress Rehearsals & Photo Day
  • Friday 9 November: Theatre Rehearsal
  • Saturday 10 November: Theatre Dress Rehearsal
  • Sunday 11 November: Junior Concert Performances