Dancing during COVID-19

Face to Face classes resume from Monday 9 November.


Our full COVID-Safe plan was emailed to all families in our newsletter on November 3. If you would like a copy please email us. All students will be guided through the regulations by the teachers and staff at Kew School of Dance.  It’s vital that your children do not attend classes if they feel unwell. Here are the key points:

Arriving at Dancing:  

Please go to the toilet before you leave home and only bring the essential items with you to dance class in your bag.  Any items of lost property will be disposed of in the rubbish!  It is a safety risk to store your property.

You must arrive for dance class wearing your dance uniform under street clothes.  You cannot change into your dance uniform on arrival.

It is extra important that you are on time for your dance class and do not arrive more than ten minutes early for warming up.

Everyone will need to sanitise their hands on entry to the building and again before leaving

During Class: 

You must try as best as you can to stay 1.5 metres apart

Use the markers on the floor and walls to help you with this

When moving from the corner line up down the room 1.5 metres apart

No hugging, high five or physical contact with each other

When possible we will be working with the doors and windows open to enhance air flow

Leaving Dancing: 

Follow the instructions of your teacher for leaving class and the building


You will need to arrive wearing a face mask if you are 12 years of age or older

Your parent must tell us in writing if you have a lawful exemption from wearing a mask

Once class reaches the point where you are out of breath or panting you can remove your mask and wear it on your arm. 

You must put your mask back on at the conclusion of class or when your teacher tells you to, and exit wearing your mask.

Anyone who enters the building that is not an enrolled student must sign in and out of our contact tracing register.  Students are to be dropped off and collected from outside, we cannot have parents waiting indoors and we cannot have too many people inside at one time.  We have strict number limits of persons allowed inside the venue.


Once we return to face to face classes we will cease Zoom classes unless students are sick and want to watch class from home or if anyone is required to isolate at home and still wants to join in.  You will need to give us as much notice as possible to set this up.

How to be COVID-Safe at dancing