Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my child start classes?

We accept students from the age of 18 months years into our preschool program beginning with the Dance with Me class. From 5 years of age students can study jazz and from 6 years of age students can begin to study tap. Student’s older than 3 can join classes at any age, it is never too late to start dancing!

Which is the right class for my child?

Students can attend a free trial class to help determine which is the most appropriate class level and dance style for them, generally students enter a class with other students who are the same age or ability.

Class levels by age

Please note that age alone is not the only factor to consider when placing students into classes. We encourage all new students to book a trial class or contact us to discuss the most suitable class for each student.

Dance with Me 1.5 – 4 years
(accompanied by adult)
Kinder 3 – 4 yearsDegree 110-11 years
Primary5-6 yearsDegree 211-12 years
Stage 16-7 yearsDegree 312-13 years
Stage 27-8 yearsSenior14 years +
Stage 38-9 yearsDegree 414 years +
Stage 49-10 yearsDegree 515 years +
Stage 510-11 yearsDegree 616 years +

What should my child wear to class?

If it is a student’s first class or trial class they are not expected to wear uniform and can wear something that they can move in easily. If prospective students do not have a leotard and skirt or bike shorts, they can wear leggings, a t-shirt and bare feet. All other students are expected to wear correct uniform to class (depending on level enrolled in) and appropriate shoes to the dance style – click here for more information about our uniform.

What kinds of classes do you offer?

We offer classes in:

  • Classical Ballet (Laurel Martyn Dance System) — including pointe work and pre-pointe preparation
  • Kinder ballet
  • Jazz (Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus)
  • Tap (Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus)
  • Musical Theatre

Click here to find out more about the styles of dance on offer at Kew School of Dance.

How much do classes cost?

The cost of a class is dependent on how long the class runs for, which increases as dancers get older and progress up the levels. All prices are GST inclusive and fees are payable in advance. They are non refundable once paid.

Click here for the full fee structure.

Am I allowed to view my child’s class?

Parents, friends and family are welcome to observe classes during open weeks. Open weeks are generally the last class of each term unless advised otherwise.
Please keep talking to a minimum and ensure siblings are seated quietly so as not to disturb the student’s concentration. Remember that, for the safety and privacy of our students, phones must not be used in the studio.

Can my child try a class before enrolling?

All new students are welcome to try a class before enrolling, this gives your child the best idea of how classes operate.

Can I enrol during a term?

Students are welcome to enrol part way through a term, however they may not be able to participate in events such as exams or concerts if they are too close. 

Do you offer refunds?

Once fees have been paid, no refunds will be issued. If a student is unable to attend a class due to illness, injury or compassionate grounds, a makeup class can be taken, subject to class availability in the same style of dance before the end of each term with the permission of the Principal.

Do you offer assessments and exams?

Students are able to participate in either Laurel Martyn Dance System (LMDS) Ballet Assessments and or Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Tap and Jazz Assessments. Assessments are encouraged, but not compulsory.

Is there an annual concert?

We run a Junior and Senior school concert for all students in Kinder classes and above. Students are invited to participate in the annual concert in Term 3 (Senior Concert) or Term 4 (Junior Concert).

Click here to find out more about our annual concerts.

Do I have to sew costumes?

Parents are not expected to sew costumes. Students pay a costume hire fee included with the term invoice which contributes to the cost of the purchase, hire or making of costumes for the performances. The school looks after the transport and cleaning of costumes. If you would like to be involved you are welcome to volunteer to help with sewing or you can attend our costume/prop working bees, which are always lots of fun!

What do I bring to class?

Students in costume preparing for the Wizard of Oz concert 2016
  • Your dance shoes and correct uniform – including neat and tidy hair
  • A filled water bottle
  • A smile and your enthusiasm

To help students experience the joy of dance and develop their dance skills in a safe, caring and effective learning environment we ask that students:

  • Behave in a manner appropriate to a group-learning environment
  • Show respect towards all members of the class and to all staff members
  • Arrive before the commencement time for classes

Remember to

  • Notify the school if you will be absent form class
  • Be dressed and ready before entering the class
  • Bring all belongings into the studio with you
  • Remove any jewelry and baggy clothing

Information for Parents

Please collect students promptly at the end of class. Students are to remain in the sight of the teacher until their parents collect them, students are not allowed to leave on their own or wait outside for their parents.

If any student is unwell or injured please advise the teacher at the start of class so that modifications can be made if necessary.

Please note that the viewing of classes is only permitted on open days. Class time is precious; parents are requested not to interrupt classes unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. We are happy to discuss any issues with parents and ask that you contact the office by email or phone outside of class hours so that we can give our full attention and maintain the integrity of each dance class.

All articles of clothing are to be named. Unnamed clothes that have been in the lost & found for more than a term will be donated to charity.

Fees are to be paid strictly in advance for each term throughout the year. Late payment fees may be charged if invoices are not paid by the due date. Please contact the school to make a payment arrangement if necessary. More information is available on our fees page.