Preschool Classes

Angelina Ballerina Classes (18 months – 5 years)

Learn ballet like Angelina Ballerina at Kew School of Dance

At Kew School of Dance, your child will learn ballet technique in a creative, caring and fun way. Classes include some Angelina Ballerina themed activities and incentives, as well as all the traditional elements of ballet class. Students will be able to earn ‘little stars’ stickers and rewards for great dancing and ballerina-like behaviour. Your dancer may even meet Angelina herself, right here at our studio! She usually visits us once a year!

Each Angelina Ballerina curriculum class is:

  • developmentally appropriate for young dancers
  • conducted in a safe environment for young dancers to explore their creativity
  • progressive in content so that each dancer learns a range of important skills over time

The teachers understand that every child develops at a different rate and that the period between 0-7 years is critical for cognitive, neural, motor, socio-emotional and language development. Dance is the ideal activity to encourage brain development and the Angelina Ballerina Dance curriculum has been designed to support students’ development during this important time.

Positive effects of movement/dance include:

  • increased concentration
  • sustained attention
  • maximised energy levels
  • improved storage and retrieval of information

The Angelina Ballerina Curriculum is taught in the following classes:

Dance with Me: 18 months – 3 years

Kinder ballet student and their mum jumping in class

Our Dance with Me classes are specially designed for younger children aged between 18 months to 3 years old. The children are encouraged to participate, working closely with their accompanying adult, giving them a sense of security, allowing them to explore in a safe space. These classes are ideal for students and family members to have a shared dance class experience and lay the foundation for further study in dance.

The environment is friendly and relaxed with no set uniform.  (We recommend that you wear clothing suitable for moving in and socks, bare feet or ballet shoes). These classes introduce the structure and concepts of dance class in an age appropriate manner and combine song, dance and movement based exercises. Together they help to develop physical, social and dance skills; including spatial awareness, motor skills and listening abilities.

Dance class is the perfect place to begin learning how to; follow directions, interact effectively with other people, whilst also supporting cognitive and physical development.

Kinder: 3 – 4 year old class

In these 30-minute classes students are introduced to age appropriate movements that lay the foundation for further study in dance. These classes encourage creativity, self-expression and individuality. The curriculum is flexible, allowing us to pace the work to the needs of each individual class. Generally the work in the Kinder 2 class moves at a faster pace with more challenging dance steps than the Kinder 1 classes due to the students stage of development. To help students learn most effectively students enter class without their parents. We have special open days when friends and family are invited to observe classes.

Dance with Me student using a magic fairy wand

Primary Ballet & Jazz: 5 – 6 year old class

In these 45 minute classes the content increases in complexity and the classes become more structured. Students are still encouraged to develop their creativity and we continue to incorporate Angelina Ballerina themed activities.

Primary Ballet classes run on:

Tuesday 4.15 – 5.00pm
Saturday 11.15am – 12.00pm

Primary Jazz class is on:

Saturday 12.00 – 12.30pm

Fees are $180 for Ballet (45 minutes) and $170 for Jazz (30 minutes) per term.

Next Steps: Stage 1 – 4

From Primary level classes students move into the junior school and begin ballet classes in the Laurel Martyn Dance System and the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus for jazz, tap & hip hop.

Refer to Dance Styles for further information.

About Angelina Ballerina

Angelina is an imaginative, clever, determined little mouseling who is passionate about dancing and life. Both on and off stage, 8-year-old Angelina is a feisty spirit bursting with energy.
She is constantly plié-ing, pirouetting and jeté-ing with exuberance! While she sometimes has the tendency to be unfocused about anything that does not involve dance, Angelina’s talent and determination ultimately allow her to persevere – and be the star of the show. Angelina twirls, skips, and leaps through life, dreaming of dancing like a real ballet star. Anything can trigger one of her vivid daydreams, in which she usually imagines herself in an important performance.

This little mouseling has HUGE emotions – Angelina can feel envious of little sister Polly, ecstatic about dancing on stage with her best friend Alice and tearful about forgetting her book bag — all in one morning! Angelina’s dreams don’t always go according to plan, but luckily there are positive lessons to learn along the way and when Angelina makes a mistake she’s quick to apologize and try to make amends. She is sympathetic, and if she makes a mess she’ll help clean it up – unless she’s so busy dancing she doesn’t notice!

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