All students are required to wear the school uniform to class, as appearance is an integral part of the discipline of dance. Please ensure that students come to class well groomed, including neat hair in a bun and no baggy clothing or jewellery, for safety reasons.

Two ballet students demonstrate partner character dancing

The uniform can be purchased from any dance wear shop. Bloch Camberwell is the closest shop to the studio and they have our uniform listed. If you let them know that you are enrolled with Kew School of Dance they will know exactly what you need!
Bloch Camberwell is located at Rear 642-644 Burke Rd, Camberwell, VIC 3124 or visit bloch.com.au for store locations. 

MDM Shoes are available from M & M Dance Supplies at 31A Macedon Road, Lower Templestowe VIC 3107, these can also be purchased at our MDM Fit days.

As part of your enrolment, we will provide you with a Bloch Discount card for use at any Bloch retail store.

Class Level





Kinder & Primary BalletPinkPinkMDM pink canvas ballet shoesBare legs, socks or ballet tights

Stage 1 – 5 Ballet


Purple Ballet Skirt

MDM pink canvas ballet shoes

Convertible ballet tightstd>
Stage 1 – 5 Tap & Jazz


Purple Lycra Skirt

Tap: Tan tap shoes

Jazz: MDM tan jazz shoes

Tan jazz tights

Degree 1 & 2


Burgundy Ballet Skirt

MDM pink canvas ballet shoes or pink satin demi-pointe shoes*

Convertible ballet tights

Degree 1 & 2 Tap & Jazz


No skirt

Tap: Tan tap shoes

Jazz: MDM tan jazz shoes

Black leggings

Degree 3

Navy Blue

Navy blue skirt

MDM pink canvas ballet shoes & demi-pointe / pointe shoes*

Convertible ballet tights

Degree 4 +

Own choice

Own choice

MDM pink canvas ballet shoes & demi-pointe / pointe shoes*

Convertible ballet tights


White leotard

 Ballet: MDM black canvas ballet shoes
Jazz: MDM black jazz shoes
Tap: Black tap shoes
Black footed tights

Hip Hop

Purple singlet 

Black plimsoles or Bloch jazz sneakers

Black leggings or shorts




Black socks

Black leggings or lycra shorts
(and Kneepads)


Own choice

Own choice

Ballet: MDM pink or black canvas ballet shoes

Tap: Tan or black tap shoes

Own choice

*Demi-Pointe and Pointe shoe information will be advised as required.

Crossovers and other useful info

Students with numbers on their backs get ready for an exam

We recommend that all students have a cross-over to keep warm on cooler days.
From Stage 4 and above, character shoes may be required.

Note: Students who attend both Jazz and Ballet classes can wear the same uniform for both dance styles.

Where to buy?

Three boys ballet students stand casually in the studio

The Kew School of Dance uniform can be bought from any Bloch brand outlet store. If you visit a Bloch store and let them know you are enrolled at Kew School of Dance, they will be able to advise you on exactly what you need. Some second hand uniform may be available at Kew School of Dance’ Secondhand shop, open every Saturday 9-11am, 12 Peel St. Kew.

MDM Shoes will need to be specially ordered at the MDM Shoe Fitting Day or through their website (dates will be advised throughout the year for fitting days).

Why is it important for shoes to fit correctly?

Shoes that are too small or too big are dangerous to work in, students will be asked to remove their shoes by teachers if they don’t fit properly. The majority of injuries a dancer sustains are in the lower leg, one way to help prevent this is to ensure your dance shoes fit correctly. For this reason we have multiple MDM and Pointe Shoe fitting days throughout the year which are recommended for all students.